Christina Ann Rann
--Yes, it rhymes!

Smiling for the Random Camera

I'm a born and raised Michigander from Cadillac. My mother was a musician and my father saves the Earth a little bit each day, working for the DEQ. Music and writing are my equal passions, and I hope to become a published novelist sometime in the future. My biggest pet peeve is when people write "Yea" when they actually mean "Yeah," I like to dance when I cook, my friends call me their personal psychologist, I love Ethiopian food, and I'm the person who likes to feel with my heart instead of think with my head. I'm the type of girl you can't always put your finger on--sometimes it's a gift and sometimes it's a curse. However, it's who I am and who I will continue to be.

Having fun with Drama Club

C ompassionate

H elpful

R esponsive

I ntuitive

S illy

T imes poorly

I nto music

N ever a realist

A lways Changing

Playing the Piano for the Cast of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Playing the Piano for the Cast of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

And Then There's the Links...

--Home page for the Cadillac PRIDE Team. The play I wrote that we performed reached out to Middle School students on the topics of bullying and teen suicide.

--The monthly magazine that Writer's Digest sends me is a constant and sometimes unexpected reminder of what I love to do and why I love to do it.

--This is an enormous compilation of names from different ethnicities and the meanings behind them. It's fun to see where your own name comes from, and if I ever need a name for a character, I can always count on this website.