Jacob Poliskey

Corny, slightly

Oblivious (sometimes)
Sibling, one of six
Ketchup was the subject of a report I wrote in 8th grade
Enjoys playing piano
Yodeling I find bothersome, but only a little bit.
Isle Royal National Park (I'm on the right)

My family and I hanging out on Mackinaw Island

I'm on the right. See the smiley face? :)

Hello everyone!
I'm Jacob Poliskey. I am a family guy, as you can see from the pictures. My family is a huge part of my life, as is my faith. In my spare time, I like to play the piano and write music. I read, run, and play tennis. I went to school at Dow High in Midland, and I am planning to major in biochemistry.


A few links that I think are cool are--
Stumbleupon, which is an awesome website that brings you to other random websites that you are interested in.
Interfacelift, a site which has very cool pictures on it. I have put about a hundred of these pictures on my desktop background.
and Failblog, which is a hilarious website of the ridiculously stupid things people have found or have done.