This is my sister, two of our cousins, and I at our first Jersey Shore party!
Dat is me.
I was being a Pterodactyl

Hey! I'm Josh Minshall and I am a sophomore here at Alma College. I am a French major and I love to speak the language. This year I am going to be an AT for first year French labs so I can make money that Alma will then be taking out of my pocket. I live in the Creative Arts House on South campus with some of my best friends. I have a sister who attends Alma, as well. She is a senior and she works at the writing center. I am a brother of Theta Chi and a Letter Wearing Friend at Kappa Iota. We're pretty cool people. That's all.

Under estimated
Awesome at French

Never Shout Never is my favorite band. I have it tattooed on my foot. Go check out the site.

I like to peruse this website to find some really Trashy People

I watch True Blood after it has aired because we don't have HBO on campus on this site here.