A picture of me...
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My name is Shelby Alexander. Since seventh grade my home has been the beautiful Higgins Lake Michigan, where I have lived with my mom, step-dad, little sister Trista, and our two dogs. I absolutely love the lake and being on a boat; sailboats in particular. I worked this past summer as a park ranger for our near by state park—where I rocked the dark green T-shirt and khaki pants the DNR “E” is so commonly known for. Playing volleyball is a huge passion of mine and this past summer I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua with the Alma College Volleyball team. The experience was incredible from beginning to end and I intend on traveling more because of it. I plan to graduate from Alma with a secondary teaching major and an English degree.
Alma College Volleyball trip to Nicaragua

I live at the Volleyball house with my three amazing roomies :))
Surprisingly disiplined and holds high expectations.
Has a passion for sports; volleybal in particular and running.
Excited about life.
Loving, laughing, and lively personality towards other people.
Bound to be a teacher and have an impact on growing generations.
Youthful, in the sense that I love being a kid and the idea of being a responsible adult isn't always that appealing.

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