Frozen Lemonade is yummy :)
Hi, my name is Shelby Cook. I am a sophomore this year, and am undecided on my major. As of now though, I'm planning on an English major with a writing minor. I also play softball here at Alma.

When I'm not at Alma, I live at home in Newaygo, MI with my mom and little brother, AJ. In high school, I played basketball and softball. When I'm home, I work at a day camp for 5-8 year olds called Summer Magic, and I absolutely love it. I also work at a KFC/Taco Bell, which definitely isn't the greatest, but it's a job and it pays, so I deal with it.

S- Strong Willed
H- Hungry
E- Encouraging
L- Loving
B- Big Hearted
Y- Yearning...

Here are a few of my favorite websites:
Some of the softball girls at a Tigers game this summer.
My summer camp co-workers and I with Stormin' Norman the Alpaca :)