Herman fixing his hair before school

My Sigma Chi pledge brothers
Zeta Sigma Chi Basketball Game with Taylor

Lost for words

´╗┐My name is Tyler, and I grew up in a small Michigan town called Vassar. It was a dreadful little place. Nothing ever happened and all anyone ever talked about was how they were going to one day leave the place they despised so much. Few ever did. I graduated in 2009 from Vassar High School and started Alma college the fall of that year. I joined Sigma Chi as a freshman and that was probably the best choice I made that year. I'm obsessed with music and the occasional outbreaks of Mel Gibson. Nothing entertains me more than crazy celebrities. That's about everything I feel comfortable sharing with strangers, so I'll wrap this up. All in all, I'm a fun loving guy with his priorities put in order well and a good head on his shoulders. Hopefully, I don't get off the path I'm on now.

Hype Machine is where I listen to a lot of my music. It's an online music blog site that releases new music as soon as it hits the internet.

Say Anything has been my favorite band for close to seven years now. Click the link and enjoy.

Stereotypes of Fraternity brothers can be inaccurate. Some "Bro's" created a blog as a stereotypical "bro" to make fun of the misconceptions on the Bro's Like This Site